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Events 2015
January 26 - 29
Arab Health, Dubai (UAE)

February 4 - 7
Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) - APTA, Indianapolis (USA)

March 19 - 21
Therapie Leipzig (Germany)

March 26 - 28
Rehabtech Asia, Singapore

April 9 - 12
FIBO, Cologne (Germany)

April 16 - 18
SIRN Congress, Novara (Italy)

May 1 - 4
WCPT (World Congress for Physical Therapy), Singapore

May 27 - 30
ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) San Diego (USA), booth # 538 - 540

May 27 - 30
11th EPNS (European Paediatric Neurology Society) Congress, Vienna (Austria) booth #16

May 28 - 30
DVS - Annual conference, Potsdam (Germany)

June 12 -13
"Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation"
Workshop with Mike Antoniades, Munich (Germany)

June 19 - 23
ISPRM, Berlin (Germany), booth # B7

June 24 - 27
ECSS, Malmö (Sweden), booth # 045

July 22 - 25
Progress in Motor Control X., Budapest (Hungary)

July 27 - 29
ITK (International Football Trainer Congress) Wolfsburg (Germany), booth # 12

September 5 - 6 
Athletic Conference, University Bonn (Germany)

September 11 - 12
DGSP (Congress of the German Society for Sports Medicine), Frankfurt (Germany), booth # 5

September 28 - 30
Technician Training, Nussdorf (Germany)

October 14 - 17
Rehacare, Düsseldorf (Germany) booth # Hall 3 F 37

November 16 - 19
MEDICA, Düsseldorf (Germany), booth # Hall 4 K 22

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Laufband-Ergometer und Systemlösungen für Sport, Fitness, Medizin, Neurologie, Lokomotionstherapie, Orthopädie, Kardiologie, Pneumologie, Stresstest, Therapie, Rehabilitation, Biomechanik, Leistungsdiagnostik, Bewegungsanalyse, Ganganalyse und Sportwissenschaft. Neu: Das SpeedLab Konzept.


running machines (treadmill ergometer) and systems for sports, fitness, medicine, neurology, locomotion therapy, orthopaedics, cardiology, pneumology, stress test, CPET CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing, therapy, rehabilitation, biomechanics, performance diagnostic, motion analysis, gait analysis and sports science. New: the SpeedLab concept.


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