the running school® concept

Most people have not been taught how to run; they assume it’s something that comes naturally. But running is a skill and just like any other skill it can be learned. Although it seems the most natural thing in the world to do, many people don’t know how to run effi ciently to achieve their goal or challenge without getting injured. People use running to stay fi t, for weight loss or to help them with their sport or challenge like running a marathon. Children in particular, because of the reduced time they have to play outside at a young age, have underdeveloped motor control skills - running, jumping, turning and sprinting.

The Running School® concept was created by Mike Antoniades, one of the UK’s most innovative coaches, who is also the founder of Sport Dimensions. Mike is a highly respected performance & rehabilitation coach who has worked with thousands of athletes and professional sports teams over the last 30 years in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Running School modules

The protocols we have developed guarantee results and improvement in running efficiency, running speed, quick feet, explosiveness, power and COD change of direction in a variety of sports. We have worked with many athletes from among others - English premiership football clubs, professional rugby teams, winter and summer Olympians, GB athletics, GB bobsleigh, and marathon runners, middle distance runners of all levels as well as youngsters with movement and agility issues.

What does the Running School offer?

  • coaching of running technique to children from aged 6 to adults from beginners to elite athletes
  • speed training and development of straight line speed through TRS treadmill based methodology
  • multi-directional speed training and development of multi-directional speed
  • coaching of correct walking techniques for seniors and those oloking to return to full fi tness
  • development of training programmes for runners and athletes looking to develop their speed
  • movement re-education after injury or surgery– rehabilitation, walking, running rehabilitation
  • movement training for kids - a programme specifi cally tailored for younger children with movement
  • diffi culties such as dyspraxia. Includes: gait re-education and DMS.
  • rehabilitation after injury or surgery – fi ve phases of rehabilitation – protocols developed for upper body, back rehabilitation and lower limb rehabilitation

benefits of the Running School

  • improved running technique
  • helps in accelerated rehabilitation
  • increased effi ciency of running technique
  • increased confi dence and enjoyment
  • decreased risk of injury associated with running
  • kids movement & development
  • better muscle balance and coordination
  • increase in speed and explosiveness
  • quick feet and change of direction
  • analysis of movement and testing
  • analysis & improvement of sport & game speed
  • analysis & improvement of straight line speed
  • ability to turn faster and increase agility

Running School package

  • extensive coaching & training 8 days
  • running school® website
  • sales & marketing plan
  • marketing material
  • training & coaching manuals
  • training programmes
  • business pack
  • on-going support
  • fi rst access to new modules
  • excellent image and references