These application included:

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1 stratosĀ®
cos30000va02 Inquire
Quantity Product SKU Price
1 Upgrade treadmill to gaitway 3D 150/50
cos102999_150-50 Inquire


  • Biomechanics
  • Sports Science and Research
  • Exercise training

Functionalities & Biomechanical parameters

  • Online feedback to user (e.g. for training facilities)
  • Data recording & analysis (e.g. for research facilities)
  • Patient evaluation (e.g. for clinical research facilities)

Biomechanical parameters

  • Step length, width, frequency
  • Swing / stance durations
  • Contact / aerial durations
  • Stride asymmetry
  • Force peaks (push-off, landing)
  • Force vector orientation
  • Loading and unloading rate
  • Left / Right foot for vertical force
  • More biomechanical parameters

Measured and computed signals

  • 3D Force (Fz, Fy, Fx)
  • Center of Pressure (Opx, Opy)
  • Moments (Mx, My)
  • Frictional Torque (Tz)
  • Belt speed

System performance Features

  • Extremely wide measuring range
  • Excellent measuring accuracy
  • Built-in amplifier with acquisition system
  • LAN connection
  • Control & acquisition software included
  • Start and stop trigger inputs and digital trigger output for integration with EMG and motion analysis systems
  • Raw data accessible via interface
  • Cost-effective
  • Also available in economic 1 component ground reaction force Fz version incl. 25% inclination (h/p/cosmos treadmill gaitway III)